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A game produced by Zachary Gomez (Concept Artist, Level Builder, and Programmer), Dawson Mix (Sound and Music designer), Noah Remis (Game Design Document editor, Map & Planning, and Programming), and Matthew Castenada (Game Design Document editor and Level Designer) at Azusa Pacific University.

Contact: zqgomez18@apu.edu, dmix18@apu.edu, nremis18@apu.edu, and mcastaneda18@apu.edu


Driving around the snowing forest of Alaska, your car begins to break down. Luckily a small cabin is nearby and so you go investigate…but no one was inside. It seems to have been abandoned for some time and quite hastily too. With the weather quickly dipping past freezing point, you frantically scavenge the cabin and surrounding area for any tool or parts to fix the car and be on your way home…or else hypothermia would be the end of you…


a-threat-of-snow-win.zip 1 GB
Version 1 Apr 07, 2021


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Great concept and execution. We loved this. Awesome.

Wow! Thank you!