Settler of One

A game developed by Brooklyn Vander Wel at Azusa Pacific University.



Settler of One is an open-world, puzzle-adventure game starring a disgruntled ex-city dweller. Tired of their one-note life filled with endless traffic and a mindless desk job, the Protagonist leaves everything behind and embraces the spirit of the frontier by moving to a deserted island. With only a tent for company, the Protagonist resolves to call this place home and must gather supplies for a house before—banish the thought—hypothermia can set in. 

Note: This is a game prototype created for a Game Dev class.


WASD and mouse. Hold shift to run. Press space bar to jump.


HUD images and paint textures by Brooklyn Vander Wel. All other game assets courtesy of the Unity Asset Store. Instrumental track courtesy of Free Music Archive. SFX courtesy of Free Sounds Library.

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